The Benefits

Invisible Warmth

At least 70% of the output from under floor heating is radiant heat which is considerably more hygienic and comfortable than that given out by radiators or warm airheating systems. It is also more efficient in that the difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling is as little as 1-2°C whilst with a radiator system this can be as much as 8-10°C.

Floor Heating is as close as you can get to the ideal heating system -

  1. Ideal Heating System
  2. Floor Heating
  3. Radiators

A Healthy Environment

Unlike conventional systems, under floor heating does not create air circulation which can carry dust particles around the living and working areas. The lower temperature also raises the relative humidity to approximately 12% (higher than a radiator system) giving a much healthier environment. Indeed, many asthma and allergy sufferers have given testimonials to its positive effects.

Full Control

The temperature of each individual room or area can be fully regulated by a thermostatic timer which controls the temperature electronically and enables the day and night requirements to be pre-set automatically.

Flexible Interior Design

Where an under floor system is chosen as the main source of heating, radiators, pipes and gratings become unnecessary. This is not only aesthetically more pleasing it allows great freedom in your individual choice of interior design and room layout.

Floor Finishes and Coverings

Virtually any type of floor coverings and finishes can be utilised from stone and ceramic tiles to carpet, amtico, linoleum and the full range of hardwood flooring.

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