The Importance of Accurate Design

Before a floor heating system can be installed into any structure there are a number of essential tasks that will have to be carried out.

The first of these tasks is to evaluate the rate of heat loss from the structure, this is a fairly simple set of calculations that are completed using known and measured parameters.

The second task is to take the heat losses for each room or area and determine the amount of floor pipe required to address these losses. If the heat losses are simply assumed then it follows that the amount of pipe must also be assumed.  

A third and very important task is to look at the end users requirements and determine from the given information what the control system should consist of, there may be for instance, floor heating, radiator heating and a hot water store all operating from the one heat source. Controls must be able to interact with each other and provide time and temperature control for all the elements of the complete system.  

It does not make sense to make assumptions with regards to floor heating, here is a heating system that is buried or embedded in the fabric of the building, every method available should be employed to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

We provide a full design, specification and installation service to our customers including builders, contractors and architects in order to achieve the most satisfactory and efficient system possible. Please contact us with the details of your property and requirements.

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