Commercial Sense

Highly Energy Efficient

In commercial environments, savings on energy costs average in excess of 40% against those for conventional radiator or hot air heating systems.

Very Low Maintenance

With only a silent pump and annual boiler servicing, an underfloor heating system requires the minimum of maintenance against traditional systems where noisy fans and large amounts of rotating machinery require more regular and more costly servicing in order to keep them efficient.

Improved Performance

With the heat generated from the floor, a comfort zone is created at the level where the people are occupying the building without the high levels of wasted heat at roof level from a convection system.

Vandal Proof

With no exposed working parts such as fans and radiators, the system is totally vandal and accident proof, again giving further savings on repairs.

Healthier Environment

Unlike traditional systems, underfloor heating does not create air disturbance, which circulates dust and particles in to the air making the whole environment considerably healthier.

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